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Free IPv6 Tunnels

Free IPv6 Tunnels

Ha! So you want IPv6 now eh? Well, if your ISP doesn’t offer it your best bet is to create a tunnel. For this you will want to check to see what kind of latency your tunnel endpoint has so that you can see how much delay it might introduce on your traffic. Ideally, you want this delay to be as small as possible so that it doesn’t slow you down too much. This means you’ll probably want the closest tunnel broker to you physically so that it will be lightning fast. They also must not be oversubscribed and have great connectivity to Ipv4 and IPv6.

There are quite a lot of tunnel brokers to choose from when it comes to IPv6, but not all of them are created equal. Some of the providers have garnered a good reputation online and some of the others, are lesser known and not likely to yield good connectivity. We have scoured the Internet, trying to determine which are the better providers out there and have put together a list of the ones we think you should put at the top of your list when considering an IPv6 Tunnel broker.

Here goes!

  • SiXXs

These guys have a great operation, with major points of presence in many countries. If they do not have a pop in your country, you can still create a tunnel using their system.

  • Hurricane Electric

HE is a global ISP that really likes to brag about their excellent IPv6 reach and connectivity. They were one of the early adopters and have a lot of experience under their belt.

  • Gogo6 / Freenet6

They claim to be the most popular and easiest to use tunnel broker service but I’m not sure that is entirely true – we’ll leave it up to your judgment on that one.

  • OpenVPN

If you have tried all kinds of v6 tunnel providers, but have still been running into issues you can always just roll your own IPv6 tunnel with OpenVPN. That’s right, you can set up your very own Tunnel without going through a tunnel broker if you dare. Be warned, that it is a bit harder to set up than the average IPv6 tunnel so be prepared. You can start by getting a Xem VM from a provider that gives IPv6 connectivity such as Goscomb Technologies. There is a great guide on the above URL as to how you might go about tunneling to your own IPv6 hop-off point using OpenVPN.

More ideas for your reading pleasure, many of which have providers for specific in country-only tunnels.