Some Easy Ways to Prevent Hacking/Data Breach

Some Easy Ways to Prevent Hacking/Data Breach

We spent most of our time on the internet for entertainment, news and shopping purpose. The Internet made our life easy. But do you ever think that it also put our private information into question? We never think of online security. That is the most vital thing in today’s world.

The Internet does not only open the window to the infinite world. It also opens the way to our personal information to the people we don’t know. People who can harm our life.

When you sign up in a website with all your personal details you may become the victim of a data criminals. They can give you exciting offers or deals to make you sign up in their fake website or can mail you a link to sign up. Popular websites can also be targeted due to their poor security measurement.

If you are a business organization or you have very sensitive data then it is advised to get professional service like best IT Security solution in Dubai. These companies have IT security expert and know how to data breach and hacking. 

However, We have mentioned some easy practices that can make you feel safe when you are surfing online. 

Secure the Email Account

    • Use an unbreakable password which is not easy to break. Use a password that is consists of capital and small letters, numbers and special character.  
    • If you fear to lose password then use a password manager. That will help you remember your password for every website. You can keep a track of your password. It will autofill all the information.
    • Never disclose your password to someone you don’t know. Even if you know the person do not share.
    • Keep a habit of changing the password more often
    • When you share your personal information. Before giving away read the privacy policy carefully about how and whos gonna have your data.
  • Every time you log into a website. After finishing your work log yourself out from the website.

Make the Phone Secure

    • Frequently change your pin code or passcode. So that other people can not see your personal data.
    • If it is possible to use a touch ID-like fingerprint password. It will give you most security. And also will save you enough time.
    • Use a secure browser application. And then synchronize your google chrome account with your phone. It will give you more online security
  • Avoid jailbreaking on an iPhone or Android. Both the system have their own safeguard to protect the phone from hacking. That can be broken by jailbreaking process.

Use Internet from Secure Computer

    • Always keep your system updated. Install all the updates as and when they are available on the market.
    • Keep a habit of backing up your data frequently. This can prevent you from losing your data. Either by hacking or system failure.
    • To ensure online security avoid clicking on unknown sources or suspicious links. That can lead you to data loss and give away personal information.
    • Install an updated antivirus like Norton or Mcafee or firewall on your system to prevent hacking activities. If you have a strong firewall then you can prevent your system from cyber attack.
  • If you use a remote access software in your system. Keep it on disable mood. And enable only when you need to. Keep it disabled by default to ensure online security.

Use a Secure Network

    • When you are using a wireless network. Always prefer to use a secure network. That will ask you a password before accessing the network.
    • If you download apps and other data from the internet. Do not download anything from an untrusted source. Always use a trusted site to make online purchase or download.
    • Recognize untrusted sites. That’s very important. A site without the HTTP and the padlock icon next to the URL. Recheck the site before entering the password or personal information.
  • Always shop on the site that will provide you online security. Go to the trusted sites and popular website when you are shopping online. Check the site status before entering any payment details.


This is the best possible way to prevent hacking. Follow these steps to minimize security risk. We will advise you to use professional service as we have mentioned above to secure your data. 

I hope this article will help you stay safe on the internet. If you want to add anything extra write it down in the comment section below or write us Here.

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